pharmacosmos group HISTORY FROM 1965 TO Today

Pharmacosmos was established in 1965 by Henry Christensen MD, PhD, who was succeeded by his youngest son Lars Christensen, MD, as CEO in 1993. Since its founding, the company has remained independent and family-owned.

The first 500 m2 manufacturing site - site Viby - was established in 1965 in a former dairy in a small village about 40 kilometers from the current site Holbaek. The original manufacturing site was expanded to approximately 1800 m2 in 1973.

Originally, the company was an API (Active pharmaceutical ingredient) manufacturer of dextran powder of clinical grade, pharmacopoeial quality for production of infusion solutions and iron complexes. The API was and is still available in powder and/or bulk solutions for the manufacturing of veterinary iron dextran injection.

The company gained GMP approval from the Danish Ministry of Health early on, followed by a number of US-FDA approvals after a 1983 US FDA inspection.

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