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Pharmacosmos Therapeutics shares the Pharmacosmos Group's aspirations and values

Across the world, more than 1 billion people live with iron deficiency anemia, making it one of the largest global health challenges of our time1

At Pharmacosmos Therapeutics, we want to change the way iron deficiency anemia is prevented and treated

We are inspired by one central question: How can we continue to improve patient safety, recovery and convenience and thereby achieve better outcomes? 

We seek the answer by staying at the forefront of iron technology – partnering with dedicated people and leading organizations to deliver safe and effective treatments. In this way, we improve more than iron complexes. We strive to improve the quality of lives.

pharmacosmos group values


We are a family-held company, built by passionate and knowledgeable people. We value integrity, open-mindedness and respect and are guided by these values in all our endeavors. We respect each individual who becomes a part of our journey, from our employees and partners to our end-users. And we recognize that the strength in all our collaborations is trust.

Committed to

Quality is our source of inspiration. Quality drives our results. It represents our aspiration for excellence and our focus on driving continuous improvements. 
For our partners and 
end-users, quality must always be tangible in our products, processes and people.
This way, quality is the promise we keep every day.

Innovating for
better lives

Innovation is essential in our quest to improve the lives of patients. We seek to address unmet needs through our expertise in iron and carbohydrate based pharmaceuticals. 
We believe in a holistic and collaborative approach to research and 
innovation and therefore work together with the scientific and medical communities to set new standards.

1.Miller JL. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Med. 2013;3(7)

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